The 5 Life Benefits of Blogging for a Month


One month has passed since I jumped head first into the world of online blogging, pressing publish on my first post denouncing the notion of motivation.

This was an interesting article for me, particularly with respect to the social media attention it received.

Statistically speaking, it has blown away everything else I’ve produced with 2,195 views originating from Facebook alone. For my first written piece outside the realm of academia, I was thrilled.

Reaching a vast audience from the beginning is actually pretty easy! – Me, February 1st, 2016.

No… this is not necessarily true.

As a result, I learned two things early:

Social media is an extremely powerful means of content distribution. I was very aware of this, but seeing it in action with something you produce is mind blowing.

Some articles you write will be more well received than others.

This second point was humbling and at the same time a grounding that I needed.

I digress.

Let me describe some of the benefits I’ve experienced in my life during my first month of blogging:

1) Increased knowledge

By researching while I’m writing, I’m learning. 

This also battles complacency creep, where it’s atrociously easy to neglect expanding your knowledge when your career is going well.

I believe that if you can’t explain it, then you don’t understand it.

Writing helps me reinforce my understanding on a topic.

Never stop learning. To emphasize my point, here’s a photo of me demonstrating learning in action.

My deliberate irony is palpable, as a preoccupation with social media during a time of learning is quickly becoming detrimental to our ability to focus on and understand what we’re reading. This is something I’m personally focusing on changing.

2) Increased social awareness

I’m consciously more aware of what’s going on around me, with ideas consistently making themselves known.

On the street, on public transportation, in restaurants, at the office, at the gym and with friends. I’m beginning to recognize and understand the infinite literary potential around me.

And all I’ve had to do is open my eyes.

It’s like I’ve started viewing the world through a different lens.

This has prompted me to cut the time I’m spending mindlessly checking my phone in public and to remove the noise cancelling earphones. Listening and observing should be more important than an Instagram feed or looking at memes on Facebook.

3) Improved writing ability

This one is obvious. Practice makes perfect. I had become accustomed to writing emails and instant messages for a long time.

On my part, limiting myself to these two written mediums was pathetic.

Emails and IMs will degrade your writing ability.

Writing has been an enjoyable outlet of mine for as long as I can remember. The process of taking an idea, planning what I’m going to say and getting it down feels a lot more fluent as I gain more experience each week.

A month is not a long time, but I can already feel a benefit.

I’m excited to see my progression after a year in the blogging game.

4) Improved verbal expression of ideas and concepts

I feel like my ability to succinctly express ideas and tell stories has improved, particularly in a verbal sense.

Communication is an important part of high EQ (emotional quotient)

Spending time practising my written communication has had an unintended positive carryover to real life, where I’m becoming increasingly confident expressing myself in my personal life and in day-to-day business. This minimizes hesitation and ensures I’m more likely to act than to sit passively and do nothing.

5) Accountability for something I enjoy

Posting at least once a week was a sustainable objective I set myself before I sat down to write a single word.

This is a non negotiable, particularly in the early stages of Body for Business.

Busy weekends will involve more writing during the week. Busy weekdays will involve waking up earlier to get it done. My end of week “deadline” is something that I’m holding myself accountable to.

If I miss it, no one will bat an eyelid – but I’ll have failed myself.

Failing myself is the worst case scenario.

Something I have omitted is the ability to meet like-minded people. This was one of my goals from the beginning of this website, where in time, I eventually hope to collaborate and work with others in the health and fitness blogging space. If you would like to reach out, feel free to contact me.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback and criticisms in my first month – I’m looking forward to many more.

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