With Body For Business, my objective is simple:

To lay a health and fitness foundation that is sustainable for a life-long period; both physically and mentally. 

You’re another guy on the internet. What makes you special?

My physical training experience began in January 2012. I like to jokingly admit that I was a New Years Resolutioner that made it.


I’ve spent the last four years specializing in Gymnastics strength training, a style which has been incredibly rewarding, challenging and physically liberating.

During this time I have achieved skills such as a one arm chin up, full front lever and freestanding handstand pushups

Do you lift?

My training has translated well into weighted chin ups, weighted dips, squats and deadlifts.

You will not find preaching of one training methodology being superior to another on Body For Business.

I adopt a non-dogmatic approach whereby the effective aspects are selected and integrated into one’s practice and the unnecessary is discarded. I am to instill a sense of long term practicality in training, regardless of style.

How can I reach you?

Please fill out the contact page and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. 🙂